OSX Webcam Drivers For Logitech HD Web Cameras

The most popular brand - and inarguably the highest quality web cameras for Mac OSX - come from Logitech. In the past, they've had a rather spotty history of providing explicit support for Apple users and camera compatibility support, however they've recently released their Logitech webcam software apps for MacOS Sierra, Macintosh OSX Mavericks, Yosemite, Lion and Leopard. Macintosh users can install these programs to get a bit more control and feature usability from select models of recent Logitech HD webcams that are UVC compliant.

Logitech HD Pro Web Cam C910
Logitech C615 1080p HD Web Ccam
Logitech C510 Web Cam
Logitech C310 HD Web Cam
Logitech C270 HD Web Cam

Latest Mac Logitech Webcam Driver Utility For Select HD Cameras

Logitech Web Camera App For Mac
If you're running Mac OSX 10.7+ or higher (ElCapitan, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite or Sierra) you might want to download the free and latest Logitech Camera Settings app for webcam control over the C930e, C922, C920, C910 and select other high-end models in their HD business conferencing webcams. Depending on the model of camera, you'll likely have control over pan, digital zoom and tilt functions - as well as image adjustments over brightness, contrast, color stauration and white-balance. On lower sensor resolution cameras like the C310 and C510 - C525 you might not have as many digital zoom levels to choose from.

Older Mac Logitech Webcam Driver App

A few models of Mac webcams that aren't currently mentioned on the older OSX Logitech webcam driver support web page (the newest C922, C920, 930e, BC9550, ConferenceCam Connect and ConferenceCam C3000e cameras) might not work with the capture application linked below. Logitech's older Mac webcam utility app was very device specific and queries the hardware to look for Logitech as the manufacturer and specific Product ID codes.

The cameras mentioned above are all USB UVC compliant Video Class webcams and the driver itself is part of Apple's OSX for BASIC Mac capabilities. Logitech's driver helps you tap into screen grabs and video capture for some of the higher-resolution HD modes that other Mac video capture programs may not be able to handle. So while Logitech's webcam software for Mac isn't CRITICAL, it can help you get a bit more from your webcam purchase.

The majority of older OSX video chat and capture programs can have a difficult time taking full benefit of HD 720p and 1080p resolutions. A lot were written for SD 3:4 Standard-Definition snapshots or video at 320x240 or VGA 640x480 frame sizes. Logitech's webcam driver for Mac OSX handles the 16:9 wide-angle proportions and HD modes far more intelligently. What it doesn't offer are image modification or adjustment controls like the latest Logitech web camera driver for Mac linked above. So it leaves all the focus, brightness, color and white balance management to Logitech's hardware built into camera.

Logitech's MacOS web camera control software application features still image capture and video clip recording in Standard and High-Definition Widescreen methods at numerous SD and HD resolutions - in compressed or optionally uncompressed format for iMovie imports. It also has features for sharing those clips and snapshots to Web 2.0 Social Sites like FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube. You can download and install the this older build of the Logitech webcam utility software For Mac OSX 10.5 + through the referenced link.

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