Mac Webcam Image Adjustment - Effects - Control Apps

Many Mac owners with an Apple computer or Cinema Display that has a built in iSight - or an external Mac web camera - are often interested in Mac webcam settings and image effect software to adjust, control, and improve thier webcam's image quality. Apple doesn't provide a System Preference Pane for webcam control in OSX, but several developers have written programs to address that need for better webcam video clip capture, or improved online chat and Skype sessions.

There's a few notable webcam settings apps and effects software programs for Mac OSX that permit a wide range of picture improvement alterations and manipulations. These operate at a low system level and will work in nearly any Mac compatible webcam video or chat program that you launch.

Mactaris Webcam Settings App For MacOS

Currently a developer Mactaris is delivering a great app for BASIC control over all major aspects of your camera's image with the simply named Webcam Settings program available from the Apple App Store.

Webcam Settings Preferences

The $7.99 USD Webcam Settings app works with both external Apple compatible USB webcams as well as a built-in iSight camera. It provides Mac menu bar access to all essential image adjustment settings and saved presets. Almost every major Mac OSX video capture, conferencing or snapshot app along with PhotoBooth, FaceTime, iMovie, Skype, iStopMotion, Jabber, and Flash web-based in-browser chat is supported. Highly recommended for all Mac owners.

Two lower cost versions: One called "Sight Control" ONLY works with a MacBook, iMac or Cinema Display's internal iSight camera. For those with an older external iSight FireWire camera, "iVision" is the right choice. Each is available for download for $4.99 USD.

eCamm EyeGlasses Webcam Effects For MacOS

For many years, iGlasses has been the most popular webcam control software for Mac OSX. Over the years it has evolved to include many refinements, a wide range of Mac webcam effects and sophisticated features. It requires Mac OSX 10.6 or higher and sells for $19.95 with a free limited trial available. It offers camera adjustment, over 50 effects, face-tracking, zoom and flip functions as well. A very mature and well-rounded program that enables Macintosh users to have all the webcam functionality Windows PC users have long enjoyed.

iGlasses Settings Preferences

A few of the other top Mac web camera effects programs worth exploring and purchasing might be CamTwist, eCamm's iGlasses or ManyCam. Any of them let you to putz with a Mac's web camera image. They offer a real-time preview of your built-in or external UVC compliant USB webcam to evaluate the effect's parameters and settings. You then have the opportunity and option to save these webcam settings as a permanent preset that you can select anytime. Free trial copies of these video cam effects utilities may be available to temporarily let you try out the features to evaluate which Mac webcam app suits you best before purchase.