1080p Webcams For Mac Pro Cylinder And Towers

With insanely fast multi-core processors, Mac Pro's make ideal computers for high-end 1080p HD video capture, streaming and videoconferencing at high frame rates. HD webcams supporting 1080p resolutions perform well with all the horsepower Mac Pro Cylinder and Tower models provide. If you bought a high-end professional Macintosh system, you're likely able to afford and want a similarly high-end and professional premium web camera.

USB 2.0 Webcams For Mac Pro Desktops

Apple compatible web cameras are easier - but still tricky to identify. Not all webcam manufacturers identify thier web cams as UVC - USB Video Class compliant -- which is critical for driver-free Mac OSX compatibility. USB 2.0 speed UVC webcams are supported in MacOS Sierra, OSX Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion and Leopard - and provide 'just plug it in' compatibility with Apple Messages, iChat AV, PhotoBooth, QuickTime video capture, ISPQ, and other videoconferencing and chat programs for Mac. It's important to note that Macintosh Pro computers also lack a built-in microphone so purchasing a Mac compatible USB webcam with internal mics can serve a dual purpose.

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Webcams With Microphones For Mac Pro

Like Apple's Mac mini - Mac Pro towers lack a built-in microphone. All webcams here at webcam-for-mac.com feature built-in mic. But depending on your video and chat conferencing needs, you also have the option of using a Bluetooth or USB headset or other dedicated Macintosh compatible USB microphone depending on your audio capture needs.