720p HD Webcams For Apple Video Capture and Chat

With Apple computers having Dual and even Quad-Core processors well above 2Ghz+ in modern Intel Macs these days, the horsepower needed to handle smooth, high-quality HD video chat and video capture at high frame rates has arrived. Intel Mac compatible HD webcams supporting 2MP and higher resolution sensors ideally need 2Ghz+ processors for smooth frame-rates at such a high resolution.

Be aware many older webcam applications for Mac don't support resolutions above 640x40 at 3:4 aspect ratios. So make sure you update your video clip capture and online chat programs to the latest version for better HD support. On a techncial level, product marketing tells us any 2MP sensor webcam is 'HD', but the reality is the emerging line of webcams with TRUE Widescreen 16:9 aspect ratios, 720p and 1080p ultra HD resolution simply aren't supported by all Apple Mac video chat and capture applications yet. Some haven't been updated to sense or support higher resolution modes and different aspect ratios.

USB 2.0 720p Webcams For Fast Intel Macs

Apple compatible web cameras are easier - but still tricky to identify: Not all webcams conform to the UVC - USB Video Class standard which is CRITICAL for driverless OSX web cam compatibility. These do:
720p Logitech CamCreative Labs HD CamHi-Def Fixed-Focus Camera
AutoFocus 720 HD Camera

Optical Lens + Stereo Mic
Live! Cam Socialize

For OSX 10.5+

Good Light Management

These webcams only work with USB 2.0 speed ports. Under OSX Leopard, Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite; these provide 'just plug it in' compatibility with Skype For OSX, Apple Messages, iChat AV, PhotoBooth, QuickTime video capture, ISPQ, Flash web video chat, and others chat programs for Mac OSX.

HD Video Capture vs True HD Video Chat

Direct capture of hi-definition video from a DV CAMCORDER is doable - and great for iMovie, iDVD projects, and high quality YouTube and other video site uploads. But true 1080p HD video capture and videoconferencing using a WEBCAM is NOT a realistic expectation for consumers at this point. HD broadcasting and reception of 1080p High-Definition video requires more internet bandwidth than many home users possess at both ends - and only few Mac video chat programs are even designed to even try to compress and handle HD 720p conferencing sessions.

HD Video And Chat Programs For Mac OSX

A growing number of Mac programs can take advantage of HD webcam resolutions and wider aspect ratios when video conferencing. You may have a Mac compatible HD webcam, enjoy the razor-sharp image, light sensitivity, and color-balance. But you'll still only be video-chatting at 320x240 or 640x480 VGA resolution at best on older apps. These are manageable resolutions and video sizes that your average internet connection can handle.

HD Video-Conferencing with Mac Skype

With select Logitech webcam models (like the Mac Vision Pro, C920 or C615) Skype for Mac can detect these high-quality Logitech webcams can deliver HQ chat if your Mac's CPU and internet connection speeds allow it. Remember HD videoconference is very processor intensive and demanding of internet bandwidth. HD Skype sessions require a lot of both and will assess your computer and cable / satellite or FIOS connection to ascertain if a higher-quality HD video stream is possible.