Recommended Webcams For Mac Mini

A driver-free external Mac mini compatible web cam with built-in microphone is all that's needed to enjoy both voice and video conferencing on an Apple desktop computer. Since the Mac mini doesn't include a built-in microphone, a quality webcam which includes a built in mic can also provide the dual functions of both audio AND video capture.

Recommended Mac Mini Webcam Hardware

Regardless of your budget, few have ever regretted the superior engineering and quality image and audio from a Mac compatible Logitech webcam. Ranging in price from around $25 to $99 USD, all deliver razor-sharp, high-definition clarity and quality audio from the built-in microphone.

Best HD Webcam For Mac Mini:

1080p HD Zeiss Glass Lens
Best Webcam For Mac mini
Stereo Microphones
Camera Tripod Mount


Top Mid-Range Webcam For Mac Mini:

AutoFocus 1080p HD Webcam

Portable Fold-Up Design
Tripod Mounting Hole

Cheap HD Webcam For Mac Mini:

Low Cost 720p HD Webcam

Fixed Focus 5MP Plastic Lens

Above are 3 easy webcam buying choices for any budget. The Mac compatible Logitech HD webcams featured above all are USB 2.0 Video Class compliant for driver-free instant Apple compatibility. They are also models that support Logitech's RightLight2 features to assure a good image and decent frame-rates even in low-light situations. The C615 and C920 also offer built-in H.264 hardware video compression - as well as a standard screw-hole mount for use with any desktop or floor-standing camera tripod you may want to use.

Finding a video conferencing webcam compatible with an Apple Mac mini or Macintosh Pro computer from Apple isn't nearly the challenge it used to be. All Macintosh mini and Mac Pro comptuers include USB 2.0 speed ports.

With Apple's MacOS Sierra and OSX Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion, Leopard and Tiger now including USB 2.0 Video Class (UVC) web camera drivers in the OS - many modern webcams that adhere to the USB Video Class - UVC web camera standard are instantly compatible with Mac OSX 10.4+ and higher as long as you have High-Speed USB 2.0 or SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports.

Even the earliest G4 Mac mini have qualities making them suitible for videoconferencing, webcam video capture and iChat: USB 2.0 speed ports, the ability to run 10.4 Tiger as the minimum system requirements needed for these USB Video Class webcams, and reasonably fast processors needed to achieve decent frame rates. 1.3MP web cams are somewhat better suited to older mini's under 2Ghz, newer Intel dual-core minis have the horsepower to drive 2MP and higher Mac compatible HD webcams at smooth frame-rates.

USB Webcams For Mac Mini

Apple compatible web cameras are easier but still tricky to identify. Not all webcam manufacturers clearly lable or market thier webcams as UVC - USB Video Class compliant -- which is CRITICAL for MacOS Sierra, Yosemite, Mavericks, Lepoard and Lion OSX compatibility. Only USB 2.0 or faster speed ports work with UVC webcams to be supported in OSX. Drivers built-into MacOS provide 'just plug it in' driverless compatibility with Skype, iChat AV, FaceTime, Messages, PhotoBooth, QuickTime and YouTube video capture, ISPQ, Flash video chat and most other videoconferencing programs for Mac computers.

FireWire Webcam Options for Older Mac mini Models

There's good reasons to hunt down a now discontinued FireWire 1394b Apple iSight camera, especially if you own an older Mac mini, iBook or Macintosh with slow USB 1.1 spped ports - but have a FirewWire port. Great light response and color balance, a built in microphone, and aluminum styling compliments a Mac mini nicely. FireWire also provides lower CPU utilization and often better frame rates than a USB webcam - especially if your Mac mini has to share the web camera with other USB devices.

Microphones For Mac mini

Like Apple's Mac Pro - Mac mini desktop computers lack a built-in microphone. All webcams featured here at have a built-in mic. But depending on your video and chat conferencing needs, you also have the option of using a Macintosh compatible Bluetooth or USB headset or other dedicated USB Mac microphone depending on your voice conferencing and audio capture needs.